Gulfstream G550 – Powerful and impressive business jet



Gulfstream G550 at a glance

The Gulfstream G550 is a hugely popular aircraft, one of the finest choices for business charter and private flights.

Produced by the General Dynamics Gulfstream Aerospace group in Georgia, US, this is a classic example of top-quality business aviation product.

It is an ultra-long-range business jet, powered by completely new and improved Rolls Royce BF 700-710-C4-11 turbofan engines enabling it to fly distances of up to 6,700 NM at cruising speeds of 480 knots.

Based on the popular Gulfstream G-V, which was the first ultra-long-range business jet ever produced, G550 builds on its predecessor qualities entirely.

In 2003, the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) awarded the Gulfstream G550 Team its Collier Trophy for innovative aircraft design and measurable safety achievements in aerospace technology.

For the pilots, it has all manner of useful systems and tools included to allow hassle-free airplane operation. Based on the Honeywell Primus Epic architecture, G550 is equipped with Gulfstream PlaneView cockpit, which projects flight information on 36 cm displays. Add to that latest HUD (Head-Up Display) technology along with Gulfstream EVS II (Enhanced Vision System) and first interactive navigation system I-NAV, and you get a very nice modern aviation technology packed into one suave, smooth model.

Passengers can enjoy improved cabin with 4 different living areas, 3 temperature zones and a choice of up to 12 different cabin configurations for up to 19 passengers. There are plenty of amenities available on board, like full lavatory with shower, a conference or dining room, multiple work and crew rest areas.

Gulfstream’s G550 worldwide appeal is remarkable – over 550 aircraft currently in operation today, most of them wholly owned. More than 60% of the Gulfstream G550 were purchased new by their current owners.

For those who like powerful and impressive business jets, the Gulfstream G550 almost certainly ticks each box. Smooth, comfortable to passengers and extremely easy to control for pilots, G550 has become a popular brand of charter and private class aviation.

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Gulfstream G550 Usage

Capable of carrying an impressive 19 passengers, the Gulfstream G550 really makes it easy for its versatility to shine through. A maximum take-off weight of 91,000 lbs makes sure that the Gulfstream G550 provides impressive durability, making it suitable for all manner of different operations in civilian and military contexts.

Many different branches in the world use the Gulfstream G550. One of the most common uses, of course, is in civil aviation. From private individuals looking for top quality aircraft to charter groups, this is an aircraft in high-demand.

Many governments use this versatile and effective business jet for safe, reliable and impressive air travel. Government organizations such as the German Aerospace Centre and the Australian Government commonly use G550. It is very popular for special military operations and that is why some air forces, like US Air Force, Polish Air Force or Italian Air Force use the type.


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