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Aircraft charter is a business transaction i.e. type of air transportation where the customer rents entire aircraft as opposed to buying a ticket for a single seat.

Aircraft charter and charter flights are often referred to as air-taxi, ad-hoc or charter-chain flights, while customer that rents entire aircraft is usually referred to as a Charterer.

Charter flight is an unscheduled flight operated on the city pairs and timings required by the Charterer and it is not published within scheduled airline network.

Aircraft charter and/or charter flights can be private or public, carrying passengers or cargo.

Private passenger charter flights are typically operated out of private terminals (FBOs), usually serving individuals, corporations, sports clubs and music industry, while public charter flights are those commercial offerings of travel agencies or tour operators as a part of the leisure package or stand-alone air transportation to touristic destinations.

Aircraft charter and charter flights are often utilised by shipping companies for various type of high value or time sensitive cargo. These cargo charter flights can also be private, for example serving automotive industry with time sensitive components, or public and offered by various forwarders as an allotment and per kg charged part of the charter flight in certain, limited period of time.

In some unfortunate situations, customers require air transportation of medically incapacitated passengers. This is when ambulance aircraft charter comes in. Specially equipped medical aircraft can carry patients on completely private and unscheduled basis, depending on the scope and purpose of the emergency and required city pairs.

Aircraft charter arranged by us is always performed by the duly certified airline, holding valid and applicable AOC (Air Operator Certificate) for the type of operation planning to operate.

Aircraft charter price includes fixed and variable costs for aircraft, expenses for crew, including their salaries, training, certification, per-diems, hotel and transportation costs, aircraft line, heavy, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, aircraft hull, passenger and third party insurance, as well as all direct operating costs and airline administration overhead. To better specify direct operating costs, aircraft charter price includes airport landing fees, passenger, aircraft and cargo ground handling, fuel costs, airport, terminal and enroute navigation fees, catering and any other costs associated to performance of the charter flight.

There are certain fees and taxes that may and may not be included, like passenger departure and arrival taxes, security fees, boarding fees, royalties, cargo airport taxes, environmental taxes, catering and fuel supplement, which are usually expressed and charged per passenger or per kg of cargo basis, except for the fuel increase surcharge which is charged on actual fuel cost increase in relation to the planned amount.

Some airlines include these costs and call the charter price all inclusive, while other airlines offer price for charter flight with additional per passenger or cargo supplement charged on the flown passenger or cargo basis.

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